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Federal Rules Regarding

Electronic Logging Devices

Keeping America Going


Tim Kraft chats

with KAG CEO Dennis


The new federal rule requiring

truck operators to use electronic

logging devices (ELDs) to track

their hours of service takes

effect in December 2017. What

problems could this create for

shippers? Dennis Nash talks

about the ELDs and why KAG

was one of the first carriers to

fully implement them.

Q: First, can you sum up the

situation related to ELDs?

The FMCSA mandated carriers

that collect records of duty status

(RODS) begin using ELDs. The

automatic electronic system will

do a better job of ensuring compliance

with hours-of-service regulations. Because

the systems are connected directly to the

vehicle’s engine, it’s much more difficult to

alter the numbers when it comes to hours

of service.

Q: How are carriers responding to

the new requirement?

Adoption of ELDs has been surprisingly

low. I’ve heard the percentage of carriers

who’ve installed the devices in their

trucks is only in the 30% range. Some

of them figure they’ve got 18 months

before they’re required to have

ELDs installed, so

they are taking

their time. They’d

like to avoid

the significant

investment in

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equipment and training time as long as

possible. And in the back of their minds,

some of them are probably hoping there

will be a successful legal challenge that

would delay, and possibly kill, the new


Q: How will this approach

impact shippers?

If most carriers take this “wait and see”

approach, there’s going to be a rush

to comply once we get closer to the

deadline. There’s a good chance of

shortages of the logging devices, and

there are likely to be problems with

implementation. The technology has a

learning curve, so drivers and

carriers who aren’t

tech savvy are

going to struggle

with it.

Dennis Nash

Kenan Advantage Group,

Chief Executive Officer


A Publication of

Kenan Advantage Group, Inc.


Spring/Summer 2016

Keeping America Going