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“Leading at Every Turn” Applies

to Investment in Technology

It’s obvious that technology is reshaping many industries like finance and

communications. It may be less obvious that technology is also bringing

about big changes in the trucking industry. Dennis Nash talks about

the role of technology in trucking and what KAG is doing to take full

advantage of the benefits it offers.

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Q: Tell me about the role of

technology at KAG.

Our slogan is “leading at every turn” and

that definitely applies to our investment

in technology. We have invested tens of

millions of dollars to create the industry’s

most powerful technology platform. With

the tremendous amount of operational

data we have, we’re able to create

efficiency gains, both internally and for our

customers. That means cost savings for

both of us. Our online capabilities make

it much easier for our customers to work

with us as they run their businesses. We

give them the information they need to

make good decisions.

But what’s becoming increasingly important

today is the technology we’re implementing

related to our fleet. That’s another area

where we intend to be the leader.

Q: Is a big part of that technology

the electronic logging devices?

The ELDs are just one small part of our

technology initiative. Every carrier is required

to use ELDs by December of next year. We

implemented this technology well ahead of

the curve, over twelve years ago. Whether

smaller carriers will be committed and

able to meet this regulatory requirement

and install the devices remains to be seen,

especially if the market doesn’t get stronger

in the near future. There’s been a softening

in overall demand, and it’s putting the

squeeze on many carriers, especially the

smaller guys.

Q: Some carriers are changing their

Dennis Nash

Kenan Advantage Group,

Chief Executive Officer


A Publication of

Kenan Advantage Group, Inc.


Fall/Winter 2016

Keeping America Going

pricing to get more loads in a tight

market. You’re not.

Our customers understand one of the

fundamentals of business is you’re

going to pay one way or another. There

will always be lower-price carriers, and

right now some of the pricing is simply

irrational. The smaller operators are in

survival mode and doing whatever it takes.

But there are real costs that come with

relying on bargain carriers. What corners

do they have to cut to provide those

dirt-cheap rates? Are there safety issues

that raise their customers’ risk? Are there

reliability issues that could leave their

customers in a jam?

We create efficiencies that help our

customers carve out more margin and

enable them to be a better supplier to their