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KAG will revolutionize transportation

and logistics within the liquid bulk

industry through its national scale,

advanced technology and an

uncompromising commitment to

be the employer of choice.


Our mission is to take every load,

deliver it on time,

without incident.



Safety and Security

– Our

uncompromising commitment

for the safety and security of our

employees, customers and general

public will always come first.


– Our customers are

the primary focus of everything we

do as a company. We will master

execution of ALL internal processes

so we deliver total service excellence.


– Equally important as

all customers are our valued

employees who continually work

to make KAG the most efficient

company in the industry. We are

committed to providing exceptional

training, development and inspiration

to all employees.


– We will operate

efficiently by aggressively managing

costs in all areas of our organization

in order to be the market leader.


– At all times, we will conduct

ourselves in a responsible manner

to maintain the highest standard

of ethics.

As everyone at KAG should know, I

have the utmost respect and admiration

for all professional Drivers. You are

the lifeblood of our business and the

lifeblood of our economy, not only in

North America, but all over the world.

You may be wondering if I always had

this strong passion for the transportation

industry. The answer is yes…since I was

a small boy.

My father, Wendell Nash, was a

professional truck Driver. He began

his career as a Driver after returning

home from World War II. Although he

eventually held various roles within the

tank truck industry including safety

director and operations and sales,

driving always remained his passion.

His equipment was always clean

and well maintained. He was safety

conscious and always went above and

beyond to help others and his company.

He was a leader, a mentor and a friend

to those who had the privilege of

working with him.

My dad retired in 1987. After Carl Young

and I teamed up to form Advantage

Tank Lines, my dad gave me his prized

possession -- his old personalized

leather logbook. It contained his last trip

Carrying on the Legacy of Wendell Nash

log and expense recap inside. The trip

was from Midland, Mich. to Kalamazoo,

Mich. Until recently, I proudly displayed

the logbook in my office at the Canton

Support Center. My dad passed away

on Jan. 10, 2016. I decided since he was

taking his last trip, I wanted to send the

logbook with him for his journey home.

My brothers and I all have careers in the

transportation industry. I don’t think this

is a coincidence. We learned from our

father how truly important this industry

is to our society and how fortunate we

are to be able to support the numerous

professional Drivers on the road today.

His impact and legacy will always fuel

my passion for KAG and the amazing

company we’ve built together.