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KAG will revolutionize transportation

and logistics within the liquid bulk

industry through its national scale,

advanced technology and an

uncompromising commitment to

be the employer of choice.


Our mission is to take every load,

deliver it on time,

without incident.



Safety and Security

– Our

uncompromising commitment

for the safety and security of our

employees, customers and general

public will always come first.


– Our customers are

the primary focus of everything we

do as a company. We will master

execution of ALL internal processes

so we deliver total service excellence.


– Equally important as

all customers are our valued

employees who continually work

to make KAG the most efficient

company in the industry. We are

committed to providing exceptional

training, development and inspiration

to all employees.


– We will operate

efficiently by aggressively managing

costs in all areas of our organization

in order to be the market leader.


– At all times, we will conduct

ourselves in a responsible manner

to maintain the highest standard

of ethics.

Patty Harcourt, Vice President of

Corporate Communications, spoke

with Charlie DeLacey, Vice President

of Corporate Development, on KAG’s

strategy for ongoing growth initiatives.

We’ve recently entered into a new private

equity relationship with OPE. As the

private equity investment arm of OMERS

private equity pension fund, OPE has

invested in companies like ours for

30 years.

We’ve benefited by our successful

relationship with private investment firms

GS Capital Partners (Goldman Sachs)

and Centerbridge Partners. Our work

with five other banking and investment

groups has helped us establish our

extensive North American presence.

Now we’ve found another ideal partner

with OPE.

This recent transaction is extremely

positive for KAG employees and

customers. We take deliberate steps

in choosing the right financial partners

and capital structure to support growth

and success.

OPE’s investment philosophy is to back

great companies such as KAG and

provide capital to help us do what we do

best —

revolutionize transportation and

logistics within the liquid bulk industry.

A New Financial Partner

Unlike private equity groups in our past,

OPE takes a longer-term approach. KAG

fits well with their strategy of choosing

industry leading companies with long-

term stability and steady growth.

We appreciate the support that our

private equity partners afforded us

throughout the last 17 years.

Never in

our history have we served so many

diverse end markets across North

America, including fuels, chemicals,

industrial gases, liquid foods, energy

resources, and more

. As a result, there

are endless

growth opportunities


the company and

career opportunities

for you, our valued employees.

With every transaction in the past, we

hit the ground running, and we expect

to do the same today. We have the right

partners, the best Drivers and a team of

talented employees who know how to

get the job done.

We wouldn’t be where

we are today without your commitment

and support. Thank you for being a part

of our growing and successful team!

Patty: Can you tell us a little a bit

about your role as Vice President of

Corporate Development?


I work with leaders across all of

KAG’s platforms to develop strategies

that drive growth. We have two main

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Enhancing Our Strength

KAG continues to seek the best opportunities to grow