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Winter 2016

Kenan Advantage Group

Don Gilliam believes exercise is the fountain of youth.

He proves it with his weekly fitness routine: 15 miles

of walking, three miles of running and three hours

of weightlifting. We should mention that Don is

76 years old.

Don’s love of exercise began at the age of 19, when

asthma symptoms that had plagued him as a boy

began to subside. “I decided if I wanted to get back

into any kind of shape, I’d have to put a lot of effort

into it. I started to run and go to the gym,” says Don.

Over a 25-year period, Don ran in more than

200 races and five marathons. “I haven’t run

competitively in over 20 years, but I have a lot of

awards from those days.”

Don still drives full-time for Kenan Transport’s

Apex, N.C., Terminal. He typically arrives at work

between two and three in the morning so he can finish

earlier in the day and have time to exercise.

John Jordan, Terminal Manager, says Don is his hero. “His energy is incredible,”

says John. “To continue to have the work ethic and physical ability to keep up with

guys half his age just shows his commitment to fitness is working.”

These days, Don walks three miles, five times

a week, holding a 10-pound weight in each

hand. Once a week he runs two to three

miles. Sundays are spent at the gym. “I work

each muscle group, and that takes about

three hours,” he says.

This from a man who once broke his back.

It happened in 1988 when a speeding

delivery truck backed into him and sent

him 30 feet through the air. Don was off work

for 18 months and had to learn to walk and

run again.

Don says exercise is something that he

consciously makes a priority.

“It’s become accepted that illness comes

with age. I just don’t subscribe to that

theory. My motivation is mental. I believe where your brain goes, your body’s got

to follow along.”

Don doesn’t envision ever retiring from work. “I never took up golfing or fishing.

My comfort zone turns out to be in the cab of a truck. I’ve been driving a truck for

56 years. I passed 4 million miles a long time ago. As long I’m able to contribute at

a high level, this is what I want to do.”

A Lifetime of

Physical Fitness

Asthma and a broken back couldn’t keep

this Driver down

Don Gilliam has made physical

fitness a lifetime commitment.