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Highway Connections

Winter 2016


Patty: Let’s discuss how we pay

for acquisitions.


As with any business, KAG has

investors and lenders. These groups

provide capital to fund the growth of

our business. In exchange, they expect

to earn a return on their investment. We

fund our acquisitions with this outside

capital. Investors such as OMERS help

us achieve our strategic goals.

On the other hand, day-to-day

expenses such as wages and operating

costs are funded by profits generated

through our field operations. This is a

separate bucket. This is why it’s vital to

provide the best-possible services to

our customers, drive out unnecessary

costs, and operate as efficiently

as possible. There’s a common

misperception that because KAG has

made a large number of acquisitions,

the acquisitions absorb money

otherwise available for wages. That’s

really not the case.

Patty: What should we expect

going forward?


Acquisitions will continue to

play an important role in the future

growth of our company. I would expect

more acquisitions in the U.S. and

Canada to broaden our geographic

footprint and expand into areas

where we don’t have a strong market

presence. We’ll continue to listen to our

customers and support their growing

needs. We’ll enhance the strength and

stability of KAG so that we increase

career opportunities for our employees

and further solidify our position as the

employer of choice.

Driver Goes Hollywood

That man behind the wheel is co-starring in a movie

with Leonardo DiCaprio

When Arthur “Redcloud” Kee drove to Santa Fe, N.M., for an acting

audition, he had no idea he’d end up spending six months in Canada

filming a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and last year’s Oscar-winning

director, Alejandro G. Iñárritu.

Arthur, a Driver at the Petro-Chemical Transport (PCT) Dallas-Fort Worth

Terminal, has dabbled in acting for years – performing in a number of

independent productions. But this film, “The Revenant,” is based on a best-

selling book and scheduled for release in theaters during the lucrative

holiday season.

A Tale of Survival and Revenge

“The Revenant” is the true story of fur trapper Hugh Glass (DiCaprio), who in

1823 was mauled by a bear and left for dead by other members of his hunting

party. The movie tells his tale of survival and revenge. Arthur plays a tribesman

who encounters DiCaprio’s character. It’s a crucial role.

“It wasn’t until I got to Canada that I realized how big my role was going to

be,” says Arthur. “The story would turn out differently if these two characters

didn’t meet.”

The movie began shooting in Calgary in September 2014. Arthur wrapped up

his scenes last April.

A Supportive Cast

When he wasn’t shooting north of the border, he was back in Texas behind

the wheel for PCT. “I have to thank everyone at the Fort Worth Terminal,” says

Arthur. “They were so supportive and patient during the shooting schedule.”

“The Revenant” is already earning Oscar buzz. “This whole experience has

been unbelievable,” says Arthur.

Up next for Arthur is auditioning for a role in the HBO miniseries “Lewis and

Clark” with Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, and Edward Norton.

Arthur “Redcloud” Kee (far left) is shown on-set with Leonardo DiCaprio

(far right). The dead buffalo is a set prop, not an actual animal.