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Winter 2016

Kenan Advantage Group

Awards and Kudos

Elevating first responders’ knowledge

about fuel transportation is the best

insurance in case of an emergency.

Bill Hawkins, Safety and Security

Manager for Kenan Transport’s

Port Everglades, Fla., Terminal, is a

shining example of KAG’s ongoing

commitment to public safety. His work

hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Bill recently received a letter of

commendation from the Broward

County Sheriff’s Office for on-site

Driver Reaches Milestone

Driver Doug Peden loves that his job

provides freedom and time to himself.

In fact, he’s logged 2 million driving

miles during his 17 years with Transport

Service (TSC). Better yet, those miles

have been accident free.

“Doug is an accomplished Driver who

is always positive and has high energy,”

said Mike Weaver, Vice President of

Operations, TSC, at a special luncheon

attended by co-workers and friends.

Mike presented Doug with a plaque, an

engraved watch and a leather jacket to

commemorate the event.

Doug started driving for TSC in 1998

out of the Assumption, Ill., Terminal.

He later moved to the Central Illinois

Terminal when the two locations

consolidated in 2002.

Doug noted that one of the best parts of

his job is the good friends he has made

over the years working at TSC. Those

friends appreciate that Doug is a true

team player.

“You can always count on Doug to go

the extra mile, whether it’s assisting with

repairs at the Terminal, helping with the

wash bay or looking out for another

Driver,” says Mike. “Doug is an example

of what all TSC employees should

aim to be.”

Going the Extra Mile

training sessions he conducted for

all three shifts of Department of Fire

Rescue personnel.

Exceptional Commitment to

Public Safety

“This exceptional commitment to

public safety and the community

sets your company apart from most

in the transportation sector,” says

Gregory Holness, District Chief for Port

Everglades Broward Sheriff’s Office Fire

Rescue Operations.

Port Everglades is one of South

Florida’s leading economic

powerhouses. The seaport serves

both as the gateway for international

trade and cruise vacations as well

as a receiving area for petroleum

products including gasoline, jet fuel

and alternative fuels. The port serves

as the primary storage and distribution

seaport for refined petroleum products,

distributing fuel to residents of 12

Florida counties.

Bill’s influence is not limited to his work

outside of the Terminal.

According to Luis A. Ramos, Port

Everglades Terminal Manager for Kenan

Transport, “Bill really is the soul of the

Terminal and a source of knowledge

for all employees here. He isn’t just

our Safety Manager; he’s more like a

surrogate uncle to the employees of the

Terminal, myself included.”

Bill Hawkins lives out KAG’s commitment

to public safety through his work in the

community and the Port Everglades,

Fla., Terminal.

Mike Weaver, VP of Operations,

Food Grade Division, congratulates

Driver Doug Peden (right) for his

impressive achievement.

Driver Travels ‘To the

Moon and Back’

Melvin Welsh, a Driver for Transport

Service’s (TSC) Midland, Mich., Terminal

recently celebrated reaching 3 million

safe miles. Melvin’s outstanding driving

record was obtained while running

dedicated loads from Carrollton, Ky.,

to Elizabethtown, Ky.

“Three million safe miles is equivalent

to making more than six trips to the

moon and back,” noted Tim Shumake,

Terminal Manager for Midland TSC, at

a recent celebration.

At the event,

Mel’s wife,

Judy, was

presented with

a dozen roses

for her support

behind the

scenes for Mel’s


Mel received a

ring, a plaque, and

a new jacket embroidered with his

name and “3 Million Safe Miles.”

Safe driving is exactly what the Midland

Terminal has come to expect from

Melvin. Tim added, “We appreciate

your commitment to safe operation,

and we all look forward to presenting

your 4 million mile award.”

Melvin Welsh