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Winter 2016

Kenan Advantage Group

his life keeps him sane. “It’s therapy.

Everyone’s life can get stressful at

times. Playing drums is quite a release.

It keeps me balanced.”

A highlight of his L.A. nights includes

the time the bass player from the

Steve Miller Band came out of the

audience to sit in on several songs.

“After the show, he told us stories

from the road. It was a

fun experience.”

“I don’t want to work, I want to bang on

the drum all day.” – Todd Rundgren

Cryogenic Transportation (CTI) Terminal

Manager Albert Villasenor works, but

he also makes time for banging on

the drum.

Albert is a member of the Los Angeles-

area band the Latin Misfits, a seven-

member combo that plays regular

gigs on the highly competitive L.A.

club circuit.

The band has a playlist of 100 songs

covering 1980s hits, classic rock,

country, jazz and other genres – even a

handful of original compositions.

Albert Villasenor (far left, back row) balances life by making music with his bandmates, the Latin Misfits.

Rocking in the Free World

Terminal Manager by day, drummer by night

Albert first picked up the sticks

three decades ago, inspired by rock

drummers like John Bonham, Ringo

Starr and Peter Criss, and jazz players

Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich. A junior

high music teacher developed his

talent. “I’ll always be grateful for that

early guidance,” says Albert,

who oversees CTI’s Fontana,

Calif., and Azusa, Calif., Terminals.

Since then, he’s always made time

for drumming. He’s played in several

bands over the years, joining the Latin

Misfits about a year and a half ago.

The band performs several times each

month. Albert says keeping music in