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Highway Connections

Winter 2016


Stay Alert

Your participation in ‘If You See Something, Say Something

’ campaign is vital to safety

With many unfortunate events

happening around the world, it’s more

important than ever to stay completely

focused as we perform our daily

activities, both at work and in our

personal lives.

Safety First

At KAG, safety is a concept we

weave through everything we do. As

North America’s largest tank truck

transporter, we have a large presence.

We have eyes and ears in nearly every

state. We’re mobile. Every Driver

passes through multiple locations

throughout the course of an average

day. This means we have a wide view

of activity throughout the country.


Vincente Paredes


Our thoughts and prayers go out to

the family and friends of Vincente

Paredes Hernandez who recently

passed away. Vincente began his

career with Jack B. Kelley (JBK) as

a Driver out of the Fontana, Calif.,

Terminal in 2011. He purchased his

own truck in 2012 and became an

Owner Operator working for JBK

until the time of his death. Vincente

will be greatly missed.

Welcome Harris

Transportation Employees

In keeping with our strategy to

grow through acquisitions, KAG

has purchased the assets of Harris

Transportation Company, LLC. Based

in Portland, Ore., Harris serves the

northwest region of the U.S. including

Washington and Oregon.

Harris is a fuel hauler with 10 locations

throughout its service area. Its

customers are major oil companies and

distributors of petroleum products.

Harris Transportation was formed in

1998 through the merger of Harris

Transport, founded in 1928, and

Trimac Transportation, founded in 1948.

“Harris has a long history of excellence

in the transportation industry,” says

Bruce Blaise, President of KAG. “Their

services and track record align with our

brand and mission. We welcome them

to the KAG family.”

The products we transport are vital

to our nation, and it is part of our

responsibility to maintain our safety and

the safety of those around us.

If You See Something,

Say Something

Being aware of our surroundings is

part of our everyday lives at KAG.

During this time of heightened

awareness, we want to emphasize

the phrase and national campaign

by Homeland Security:

If You See

Something, Say Something™. If

you see anything suspicious or

awkward, please report it.

What should you look for?

Suspicious behavior or issues that

might relate to homeland security.

It is better to be safe than sorry, and

that adage remains true. Our Drivers

are well aware of typical activities at

the locations we serve. If anything feels

different to you or looks strange, we

ask that you report it immediately.

General safety issues.

Safe transportation of fuel and other

products is always crucial. If you see

anything on the roadways that is amiss

or dangerous to the motoring public,

this needs to be reported as well.

General criminal activity.

We expect our Drivers to report any

criminal activity or any behavior that

looks suspicious.

Issues at a customer location such

as unlocked doors, odd activity or

unsafe scenarios.

Report anything out of the ordinary or

not secure. We cannot afford any slips

in the chain of safety procedures in the

delivery of our products. It’s up to us to

follow our procedures.

Please approach every day with

the level of detail we expect and

routinely receive from all KAG team

members. Your continued diligence is

appreciated and needed. All of us have

a responsibility for our own safety as

well as the safety of those around us.

If you encounter any situations that

raise concern, please contact local law

enforcement and Dispatch. Make sure

you are safe and out of harm’s way

before reporting any incident.

You can also contact our anonymous

Ethics Hotline at 800.418.6423, ext. 524

(Spanish ext. 393).