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KAG will revolutionize transportation

and logistics within the liquid bulk

industry through its national scale,

advanced technology and an

uncompromising commitment to

be the employer of choice.


Our mission is to take every load,

deliver it on time,

without incident.



Safety and Security

– Our

uncompromising commitment

for the safety and security of our

employees, customers and general

public will always come first.


– Our customers are

the primary focus of everything we

do as a company. We will master

execution of ALL internal processes

so we deliver total service excellence.


– Equally important as

all customers are our valued

employees who continually work

to make KAG the most efficient

company in the industry. We are

committed to providing exceptional

training, development and inspiration

to all employees.


– We will operate

efficiently by aggressively managing

costs in all areas of our organization

in order to be the market leader.


– At all times, we will conduct

ourselves in a responsible manner

to maintain the highest standard

of ethics.

Making Our Mark

How KAG is making its presence known in the shale industry

Patty Harcourt, Vice President of

Corporate Communications, recently

spoke with Doug Allen, Executive Vice

President of our Advantage Management

Group (AMG), on KAG’s growing presence

and expansion into the crude oil market.

Patty: From your experience, what are some

of the most common misconceptions of

hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”?


I always recommend that when

people hear anything about fracking, they

keep an open mind. Fracking has taken


In our most recent issue of



, I made a bold statement —

chances are, everyone will encounter

something today containing an ingredient

once inside one of our trucks. Our

diverse product mix is not by chance…

it’s by design.

Our business looks quite different than it

did 24 years ago, when we started with

a few trucks delivering fuel to customers

in Northeast Ohio. Our strategic plan has

always been steady and reliable growth

to ensure job security for our employees,

while also providing a stable return for

our investors.

By diversifying into chemicals, merchant

gases, liquid food products, etc., we

have accomplished this goal, even when

the U.S. economy struggled. To further

complement and strengthen this strategy,

we entered into the Canadian markets

with our flagship company, RTL-Westcan.

Success by Design

RTL on its own has a unique mix of

product lines including heavy involvement

in the Canadian oil and gas industry. Our

U.S. Fuels Delivery Group (FDG) entered

the oil and gas industry with the purchase

of water-hauler Highland Environmental in

2012. Between our established Canadian

oil and gas services, and our growing

U.S. operations, we are pleased with the

ongoing opportunities this business line

provides KAG.

In this issue of Highway Connections


Doug Allen, Executive Vice President

of our Advantage Management Group

(AMG), talks about how KAG is

expanding its U.S. oil and gas operations,

and our bright outlook for this market.

place at more than a million wells across

the U.S. since the late 1940s. It’s played a

huge role in the development of America’s

oil and natural gas resources ever since.

The process uses water pressure to

create fractures in rock that allow oil and

natural gas to escape and flow out of a

well. It’s actually safe and highly regulated.

It’s been good for North America and –

more recently – KAG.

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